Sports Grant

PE Plan 2017-2018

PE Plan 2018-2019

Sports and PE Grant 2018-2019

Chalton Lower  School receives an annual Sport and PE Grant from the government to help maintain and develop physical education and sport in schools.

The funding is based on a lump sum plus an amount based on the number of keystage 1 and 2 pupils on the 2018 January Census.  For 2018-2019 [September to August] the grant for Chalton Lower School will be approximately £16,400.


Use of Sport and PE Grant Allocation for 2018-2019.

  • To buy into the Redborne Sport Partnership which organises inter-school competition, curriculum support and staff training
  • To buy into Luton Town F.C.Community Trust to provide high quality Games and PE lessons in games, gymnastics and staff training, including an after school club every week.
  • To use Premier Sport Performing Arts to provide a Dance unit of work and after school club for half a term
  • To purchase additional PE resources as required, particularly ride on equipment for the Early Years
  • To improve the playground facilities which will encourage the children to be active during play times and lunch times

Impact of Sport and PE Grant in 2017-2018

  • Percentage of Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils participating after- school clubs = 77%
  • Number of competitive inter-school festivals entered = 10
  • Percentage of key Stage 1 and 2 pupils participating in at least one festival off-site = 100%
  • Percentage of EYFS,  Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils participating in on-site festivals = 100%
  • Improved attitude towards team work and competitive sports
  • KS2 led the KS1 and EYFS as part of the Young Leaders Programme. 100%
  • Staff are more confident in delivering high level quality PE and Games
  • Early Years Class is included in the PE delivery by Premier Sport
  • All the children were engaged in the four minute run which starts our PE lessons.  They can now all run without stopping.

Sporting Achievements

  • .  They all enjoy having the opportunity to take part in the sporting events, even though we don’t win!
School Year September  18-

August 2019

Details of intervention/spending
Aut 18 Spr 19 Sum 19
Sports Package 2500 Redborne Sports Partnership
Sports package [Luton Town Community] 650 600 852.5 One afternoon per week Games and PE lessons for KS1/ 2  and EYFS
After School PE club  425  540  495  Weekly PE club for all pupils
CPD  190  Supply cost for training day
Dance  £675  Dance Provision + After School 5 wks
Total cost  £3575 £2005  £1347.5
Total spent to Spr 19 £5580
Total spend to Sum 19 £6927.5
 £3000 School Council are going to be involved in deciding what ‘ride-ons’ the school purchases for the early years [£3000]
Playground Markings




The school is intending to use some of the money to replace the markings on the playground which were lost during the building works that took place