Sports Grant

Sports and PE Grant 2016-2017

Chalton Lower receives an annual Sport and PE Grant from the government to help maintain and develop physical education and sport in schools.

The funding is based on a lump sum plus an amount based on the number of keystage 1 and 2 pupils on the 2016 January Census.  For 2016-2017 [September to August] the grant for Chalton Lower will be approximately £8203.

Use of Sport and PE Grant Allocation for 2016-2017

  • To maintain the after-school  sports Jiu  Jitsu club so that all children can attend.
  • To buy into the Redborne Sport Partnership which organises inter-school competition, curriculum support and staff training
  • To buy into Premier Sports to provide high quality Games and PE lessons in games, gymnastics,  dance and staff training
  • To purchase additional PE resources

Impact of Sport and PE Grant in 2015-2016

  • Percentage of Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils participating after- school clubs = 77%
  • Number of competitive inter-school festivals entered = 10
  • Percentage of key Stage 1 and 2 pupils participating in at least one festival off-site = 100%
  • Percentage of EYFS,  Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils participating in on-site festivals = 100%
  • Improved attitude towards team work and competitive sports
  • KS2 led the KS1 and EYFS as part of the Young Leaders Programme.
  • Staff are more confident in delivering high level quality PE and Games
  • Early Years Class is included in the PE delivery by Premier Sport

Sporting Achievements

  • We may not have won any tournaments but all the children enjoy participating!
  School Year September  16-

August 2017

Details of intervention/spending
  Aut 16 Spr 17 Sum 17  
Sports Package 2000     Redborne Sports Partnership
Sports package [other] 930 930 852.5 One morning per week Games and PE lessons for KS1/ 2  and EYFS
After school club 360 360 360 Jiu Jitsu weekly coaching
PE club 540 540 495 Weekly PE club for all pupils
Golden Mile Coach   75     75 Golden Mile coach
Resources     300 Replacing equipment
CPD   190   Supply cost for training day
Dance   £750   Dance Provision + After School 6 wks
Total cost £3905 £2470 £1782.5  
Total spent to Spr 17   £6375    
Total spend to end Sum 17     £8157.5 Additional PE resources to be purchased in the summer term