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PE Plan 2020 – 2021

PE and Sport Premium Impact Review 2019-2020

PE Plan 2019 – 2020

Sports and PE Grant 2019-2020

Chalton Lower  School receives an annual Sport and PE Grant from the government to help maintain and develop physical education and sport in schools.

The funding is based on a lump sum plus an amount based on the number of keystage 1 and 2 pupils on the 2018 January Census.  For 2018-2019 [September to August] the grant for Chalton Lower School will be approximately £16,448.


Use of Sport and PE Grant Allocation for 2019-2020.

  • To buy into the Redborne Sport Partnership which organises inter-school competition, curriculum support and staff training
  • To buy into Luton Town F.C.Community Trust to provide high quality Games and PE lessons in games and staff training, including an after school club every week.
  • To use Premier Sport Performing Arts to provide a Dance unit of work and after school club for half a term
  • To purchase additional PE resources as required, particularly ride on equipment for the Early Years
  • To  purchase a course of tennis lessons for the year 1 – 4
  • To fund the boy’s football club on a Monday lunch [Luton Town are providing the girl’s club free in an initiative to get girls into football]
  • To improve the playground facilities which will encourage the children to be active during play times and lunch times

Impact of Sport and PE Grant in 2018-2019

  • The school achieved the Gold Standard in PE when we submitted our data in summer 2019.  This was verified through an external assessor, who decided that we did enough to qualify for the award.
  • Year 3 and 4 run each morning for 4 minutes before coming into school
  • Year 1 and 2 run on the playground during their afternoon break
  • Percentage of Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils participating after- school clubs = 67%
  • Number of competitive inter-school festivals entered = 10
  • Percentage of key Stage 1 and 2 pupils participating in at least one festival off-site = 100%
  • Percentage of EYFS,  Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils participating in on-site festivals = 100%
  • Improved attitude towards team work and competitive sports
  • KS2 led the KS1 and EYFS as part of the Young Leaders Programme. 100%
  • Staff are more confident in delivering high level quality PE and Games
  • Early Years Class is included in the PE delivery by Premier Sport
  • All the children were engaged in the four minute run which starts our PE lessons.  They can now all run without stopping.
  • The purchase of a number of ride-ons for the Early Years to encourage play.

Sporting Achievements

  • .  They all enjoy having the opportunity to take part in the sporting events, even though we don’t win!
School Year September  19-

August 2020

Details of intervention/spending
Aut 19 Spr 20 Sum 20
Sports Package 2500 Redborne Sports Partnership
Sports package [Luton Town Community] 650 600 550 One afternoon per week Games and PE lessons for KS1/ 2  and EYFS
After School PE club  5200  480  440  Weekly PE club for all pupils
Resources  585  10 ride on toys for playground use
CPD  190  Supply cost for training day
Dance -spring term

Tennis coaching – summer term







 Dance Provision + After School 5 wks

5 weeks tennis coaching

skipping provision

Boys football club TBA

Total cost  £3605 £2070  £1252.5
Total spent to Spr 19 £5675
Total spend to Sum 19 £7565
 2000 School Council are going to be involved in deciding what ‘ride-ons’ the school purchases for the early years [£2000]
 2000 Playground Markings





The school is intending to use some of the money to replace the markings on the playground which were lost during the building works that took place.

We will continue to use the Luton Town Community Trust for our PE provision and Premier Sport for the Dance work.  Staff continue these skills in the second lesson of the week thus maintaining their teaching skills.