Year 3 & 4

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Wk Beginning 13/07/2020

Body Parts French

My Book Review Frame KS2

Monday Literacy Easier

Monday Literacy HARD

March Problems of the Day – Full Set

Why Soap Works Experiment Instructions


Why Soap Works Experiment Record Sheet

Example Time line

Extra 2


French Body Parts

Monday 2



Thursday 2

Template For Timeline

Tuesday 2


Wednesday 2


Wk Beginning 06/07/2020

Colour by 3D Shapes – Higher Ability

Colour by 3D Shapes – Lower Ability

Colour by 3D Shapes – Middle Ability

Cut out these shapes Tues Maths


French weather cards

Monday Maths Easier

Friday Literacy

Monday Maths Harder

Weather Fortune Teller

Monday Maths


Sorting 3D Shapes uesday

ShapeDraw Problem Solving Thursday

Wednesday Maths

Thursday Literacy

Wk Beginning 29/06/2020

Mr Twitt

# Lesson Presentation String Telephone

Activity Sheet String Telephone Science

Activity Sheet Colour By Numbers French

Activity Sheet Travelling Sounds Science

Addition Monday

Colours Page Word Search Black and White French

Decimal challenge Thursday

Monkey-Circus Tuesday Activity

Monkey-Circus Tues ActivitY

Monkey-Circus Wed

Wed Letter Template

Subtracting Decimals Tues

Wed maths easy 2

Thursday Maths Probelm

Wed Letter

Wed maths Hard 2

Wed maths Middle

Wed maths Middle

Wed Maths Med

Wed maths Hard

Wed maths Easy

Wk Beginning 22/06/2020

Monday Description The Twits

Mr Twit extract Monday

Mr and Mrs Twit Thursday example

Roald Dahl Fact File

Beds NSSW Pentathlon 2020 PE

Fireworks in a Glass

PLace Value Problem Solving Task this week Thursday – may take mroe than one session!

Picture For Art

Rounding to the Nearest 10 Wed

Rounding to the Nearest 100 Wed

Rounding to the Nearest 1000 Wed

Rounding Wednesday task

Tuesday Harder maths

Tuesday maths Times 10 and 100

Tuesday Maths Dividing

Tuesday Literacy Pig’s Eye balls

Wk Beginning 15/06/2020

Vikings Timeline Cards

Write Your Name in Viking Runes

Shapes for Symmetry Monday

Tuesday Maths

Tuesday Maths 2

Colouring Triangles blank Wednesday

Thurs Maths

Thurs Maths EASIER

Thurs Maths Harder

Sound Survey

Good Vibrations Sound Game

Home Sweet Home Resources Monday

Home Sweet Home 3-4 Resources Thursday

Home Sweet Home Resources Friday

French Days of the Week

French Number Matching

French Colours


My version you can continue

Fitness Challenge Card

Wk Beginning 08/06/2020

Simple Powerpoint for Monday- Reading scales- not everyone will need this! (2)

Reading Scales Monday – Choose which sheets to print!

Colour the amount Monday

Resources Monday Word Bank

Tues Prediction sheet

Wednesday Maths Powerpoint

Wednesday Maths Challenging

Convert and order units of capacity Wed- less challenging

Thursday Maths- Measure Capacity in Millilitres or Litres Thursday

Thursday Maths – Remember the sheets get harder


Home Sweet Home 3-4 Monday House Sheet

Home Sweet Home 3-4 Resources Tuesday

Home Sweet Home 3-4 Resources Wednesday

Home Sweet Home 3-4 Resources Thursday

Home Sweet Home 7-9 – Teaching Resources


Personal Challenge Booklet 2020

Wk Beginning 01/06/2020

Mon Maths


Tuesday -When-Yelling-Doesn’t-Work

Wed maths


Thurs maths



Book Review (optional)-Hiccup-The-Useful

Viking Gods Worksheet

Viking Gods PowerPoint

Wk Beginning 18/05/2020

Tuesday Maths

Wed maths

Thurs Maths


Viking Longships Comprehension – MA

Viking Longships Comprehension – LA

Viking Longships Comprehension – HA



invasion map

Wk Beginning 11/05/2020

These documents can also be found on Purple Mash

Monday Literacy

Monday Maths

Tuesday Maths

Wednesday Maths

Thursday Maths

Marble Run


Wk Beginning 04/05/2020

These documents can also be found on Purple Mash

Monday Maths

Tuesday Maths

Tuesday Resource

Story Map